Viva Puerto Issue 12 cover

Current Issue #12: Spring 2014

Super Highway Oaxaca - Puerto Escondido
PXM: Ready For More Flights
Roca Blanca
and more...
Cover art: Julio Soto

Past Issues

Viva Puerto Issue 10 cover

#10: November/December 2013

When a Foreigner Dies in Puerto Escondido
A Port In Punta Colorada?
Saving Beach Access
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 11 cover

#11: January/February 2014

Super Highway to Oaxaca
San Antonio Lalana: a mountain valley and a highway
Two Barras On The Colotepec River
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 8 cover

#8: Jan./Feb. 2013

Mazunte: Another corner of paradise
Super Highway 2014
New Immigration Law
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 9 cover

#9: Spring 2013

Tourist Development On The Chila Coast
Super Highway 201? To Oaxaca
A Food Forest Grows In Colotepec
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 6 cover

#6: Spring/Summer 2012

Life On The Manialtepec Lagoon
Saving the Manialtepec Mangroves: the Fight Continues
Sweating It Out in a Temazcal
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 7 cover

#7: Nov./Dec. 2012

Zicatela: A Beach, a Wave and a “Whale”
What’s so Special about Zicatela?
A Tale of Two Hotels: The Santa Fe and the Arcoiris
and more...
Cover photo: Julio Soto, photo by Lalo Romero
Viva Puerto Issue 4 cover

#4: Nov./Dec. 2011

Snowbirds vs. Snowbirds
Land on the Coast: the forbidden fruit foreigners can't get enough of
Get Away Beaches: Agua Blanca and Puertecito
Reading Matters
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 5 cover

#5: Jan./Feb. 2012

The Punta: An Introduction
Brisas de Zicatela: The Story of a Land Invasion
Lifeguards to the Rescue
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 2 cover

#2: Feb./Mar. 2011

Fiesta Time In Chila
Xiches: a question of survival
Ziplines in San Juan Lachao
Puerto Vibe: in the sea
and more...
Viva Puerto Issue 3 cover

#3: Spring/Summer 2011

Marriage, Mexican Style
Paso de la Reyna Dam Faces Opposition
Highway 20??
and more...
Cover art by Pascual
Viva Puerto Issue 1 cover

#1: Winter 2011

Highway 2012
Whither Puerto Escondido?
Bacocho: Puerto’s Oldest Subdivision
and more...